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Organizzare il guardaroba

We’ve all been there: that moment where your wardrobe is literally bursting at the seams with all the clothes you’ve hoarded and continuously added to your collection.

 The joints are creaking, the doors won’t shut properly and your clothing is in such a muddle that you can’t even find anything suitable to wear. This is a very stressful time for any self-confessed fashion fanatic, so the first step is to remain calm and collected in the face of such sartorial and organizational chaos. Organizing your wardrobe may be an arduous task at first but by clearing your space, you will have a bigger chance of clearing your head. This will not only help your styling choices but can help you to gain control over other areas of, let’s face it, our hectic and busy lives. Here are some ways in which you can turn your clothing chaos into a sanctuary for beloved fashionable clothing.
  1. Colour co-ordinate
If you are a very visual person, organizing your clothes by their colours will help you to easily keep a track of where everything is. By clubbing your reds, blues, greens and blacks together in specific colour blocks, you can go straight for the hue you want to wear without having to wade through stacks of multi-coloured mess. Plus, you will be creating a rainbow in your very own wardrobe, which might just be the coolest thing ever.
  1. Chronological
For those of you who are of historical persuasions, enjoying timelines, dates and a clear linear progression, ordering your clothes by when you bought them might be the way forward for you. The technique is simple: you simply keep adding your clothes to the right of the last clothes you bought. You could even add some handy dividers so that you can designate the year or even month of purchase, ensuring that your clothes are kept neat and organised. This will also help you when replacing your clothes back into your wardrobe after use, ensuring you don’t just throw them anywhere (which we’ve all done form time to time).
  1. Brands
If you are serious about your fashion, you may have amassed a mountain of clothing from a range of specific designers and brands that you may find beneficial to keep together. Instead of jumbling your Topshop with your H&M, or your Vivienne Westwood with your Marc Jacobs, you could turn your wardrobe into a sort of fashion library, collating your designers into groups on your rail. Designers tend to use silhouettes and shapes that pertain to a particular aesthetic (shop similar looks at; when they’re all grouped together by designer, you can go straight to the style or label you want without having to rifle through the multitude of other clothes you also own.
  1. Clear out
As a sentimental bunch, fashion-conscious people will find clearing out to be the hardest part of re-organising your wardrobe. There will, invariably, be clothes in your wardrobe that you won’t need any more: you might not have worn them in years; they may not have been fashion able when you first bought them; or they simply may not fit you anymore. You’ve been in denial long enough and it’s time to take action. Just think of it this way: you’ll be making way for all the fabulous new clothes that you’ll suddenly have a lot of space for! Remember, instead of throwing your clothes into the bin and thereby damaging the environment (clothes can take centuries to biodegrade thanks to the synthetic materials used to make them), you can donate your clothes to a charity shop, they can be recycled at a clothes bank or you can arrange a clothes-swap with your friends. Don’t just throw clothes away: be conscious and be cool.   

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  1. Mi piacciono i tuoi suggerimenti, ma avrei bisogno di tempo sufficiente... vediamo, non ho ancora fatto il cambio di stagione, potrei approfittarne!

  2. I find organizing my closet to be super helpful! Sometimes I find things that I forgot I had, and it's like a I have a few new pieces all over again!
    xo, jill

  3. I keep going through mine looking to sell lots!

  4. Such great tips, you are absolutely right!


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